What is magic and how does it happen? You may not have heard of witchcraft before, but now you can know how to avoid it.

 What is magic and how does it happen? You may not have heard of witchcraft before, but now you can know how to avoid it.

Magic is a well-known name that is well known in every society for what it means and purpose. To practice magic is a great crime and a form of disbelief in Islam, but at one time even in Europe, magic was considered a serious crime. But sorcerers were also sentenced to death. A large section of the Pakistani nation believes in sorcery, which is causing many evils, so the government is also legislating on it. Allama Abu Saleh argued strongly about magic An article has been written in which the teachings of Islam have been informed about magic. He writes that the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet have described the types of magic and their rules.

Magic is called magic because its causes are hidden and because sorcerers use hidden objects to make people think and act and to hide the truth and to throw dust in their eyes. I can succeed, I can harm them and snatch their property etc. They use methods that are not generally understood and that is why the last part of the night is called Sahar because in it people are in negligence. And there is a decrease in movement and the lungs are also called magic because it is hidden inside the body.

The shar'i meaning of this is that the sorcerers who confuse the people and give them imagination, the seer considers it to be reality, even though it has nothing to do with reality - as Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): O Moses, either you throw first or we become the first to throw. He replied, "No, you throw first." Now Moses (peace be upon him) began to think that his ropes and sticks were running away by the force of his magic. So Musa (Moses) felt fear in his heart. We said: Fear not, surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise, and cast down what is in Thy right hand, that He may swallow up all that they have done. It's just magic tricks and magicians don't succeed anywhere. "

Sometimes sorcerers cast spells by tying knots in such a way that they blow into these planets - as Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): and from the evil of those who blow in knots. They take the path of the devils to reach them and act in a way that changes the human mind and sometimes these actions lead to disease or sometimes separation between husband and wife. Causes his wife to become ugly in front of him which makes him dislike her and in the same way the sorcerer does the same with his wife so that he can hate and loathe his husband It seems that this act is blatant disbelief according to the Qur'anic text.

As Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): Solomon (pbuh) did not disbelieve - but the devils disbelieved. They used to teach people magic. Allah described their disbelief as teaching people magic - and then Allaah said: And what did Harut and Marut send down on the two angels in Babylon? They did not teach anyone until they said: We are only a trial, so do not disbelieve. People learn from them what separates husband and wife and in fact they can do no harm to anyone without the will of Allah Almighty.

That is, this magic and whatever evil is happening to it, it is all due to the destiny of Allah Almighty and His will, so our Lord Qahar cannot be defeated and nothing can happen in His kingdom without His intention, but no So nothing can happen in this world or in the Hereafter except what has already been predestined. The command of God is "and in fact they can do no harm to anyone without the will of God Almighty" ie with his angular and valuable permission and not with the permission of the Shari'ah - the Shari'ah forbids it and forbids it from them. But with the permission of Allah Almighty, which is the previous knowledge and destiny that has already passed, that magic will happen to such and such a man and such and such a woman, and this magic will happen to such and such a man and such and such a woman as This destiny has been written that so-and-so will be killed and so-and-so will have this disease and will die in this country and he will get so much sustenance and he will be rich or poor then it is all by the will and destiny of Allah Almighty. As Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Verily, We have created all things according to a measure.” Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “No calamity befalls you in this world, nor in your souls, except before We Create it, it is written in a special book and this task is easy for Allah Almighty. Therefore, every Muslim should remember that magic is a reality and man also comes under its influence. Strong in faith, they believe in Allah because of the deception and seduction of the magic eye which is treated with Qur'anic verses. Magic does not have a deadly effect on those who recite the verses.

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