Video call of Rem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qawi leaked

 Video call of Rem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qawi leaked

In the video call, Mufti Abdul Qawi calls Tak Talk Star a 'Princess', then Hareem Shah says don't shake Thark, the video went viral on social media.

A video call between talk star Hareem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qawi has been leaked. Mufti Abdul Qawi says that he is not angry with the busy people.
When Mufti Abdul Qawi tells Hareem Shah about his normal routine, Hareem Shah says that I did not call to listen to your speech. If you become a follower of Islam then why are you doing all this. Mufti Abdul Qawi says' I am yours. Sacrifice on the head.
So Hareem Shah says don't shake your head. How do you talk to girls your daughter's age. Islam is getting a bad name because of you.

It is to be noted that the news of marriage between well-known tick talk star Hareem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qawi also went viral. A video was circulating on social media in which Mufti Abdul Qawi and tick talk star Hareem Shah sat in front of each other on the issue of marriage. Arguing Hareem Shah looked angry at Mufti Abdul Qawi for claiming marriage.

Hareem Shah said that the picture shown with Abdul Qawi was not mine. I have never met the Mufti before. I am not interested in meeting Mufti Abdul Qawi and I have not tried to contact him through anyone. Hareem Shah said that Mufti Abdul Qawi used to go to every channel and speak against me, sometimes he said that he hugged Hareem and got married.

He says that I am like his daughter, does anyone marry his daughter? I don't know if Mufti Abdul Qawi saw me anywhere. Addressing Mufti Abdul Qawi, Hareem Shah said that he went to the show of analyst Mubashir Luqman and said that he was married. Responding to this, Mufti Abdul Qawi said that I did not mention your name, Mubashir Luqman's thinking went in that direction.

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