Sexual abuse of women and children and Punishment for serious crimes

Sexual abuse of women and children and Punishment for serious crimes

"Those who sexually abuse women and children deserve a dreadful punishment. They should be hanged in public or sexually abused so that they can serve as a warning." This statement by Prime Minister Imran Khan fully reflects the alarming situation we are facing due to the ever-increasing number of serious sexual crimes. Expressing shock at the recent incident of sexual violence that shook the entire nation, the Prime Minister said in an interview yesterday that such tragedies could not be solved by police action alone. The whole society has to play a role in preventing the incidents. The Prime Minister said that severe punishments were necessary to curb such crimes and expressed the need for the required legislation for this purpose, while the senator of PML-N Javed Abbasi in the upper house of parliament, the Senate, yesterday. A bill was also tabled to curb sexual offenses, proposing the public execution of perpetrators of sexual abuse of women and children under the age of 18, with a minimum sentence of life imprisonment. The bill states that compromises should be made in rape cases

There should be no room. Suggesting amendments to the Criminal Code and Penal Code of Pakistan for speedy justice in such cases, the draft law says that such cases should be heard directly at the level of the High Court and a decision should be taken within 30 days. The bill has been dubbed the Criminal Laws (Amendment) Act 2020 and proposes to amend Section 376 of the Pakistan Penal Code. The bill proposes the death penalty or life imprisonment for perpetrators of defamation and child abuse, whether the perpetrator is one person or more. In the aims and objectives of the bill, Senator Javed Abbasi, while accurately pointing out the facts, said that rape is a serious and violent crime which destroys the entire life of the victim. Rape cases are common in Pakistan and cases are registered against them but the conviction rate is very low. The current sentences are much smaller than the severity of the crime. The bill also proposes an increase in the punishment for rape in order to curb this serious crime in society. The Prime Minister's call for a heinous punishment for sexual offenses and the introduction of this bill in the Senate are undoubtedly a reflection of the worrying situation facing our society today. However, in addition to severe punishments for these crimes, it is also necessary to address the causes that lead to them. Steps must be taken to rectify all the factors that are involved in inciting sublime emotions and to create a pure society in which all means of inciting the desires of the flesh through illicit means are completely banned and regular and social media is the responsibility of the people. Commit to playing a positive role in becoming a citizen. It is also necessary to make it as easy as possible to fulfill the emotional demands through legitimate means, that is, through marriage, and to eliminate all self-made customs that stand in the way. It should be borne in mind that in the early days of Islam, crimes were not only prevented by severe punishments, but also by eliminating all the causes that incite people to crime.

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