It's all about the immune system.

whole game is about the immune system.

It's all about the immune system.

If we had four immune systems instead of one, no one could prevent Corona from spreading in Pakistan.

As Corona spreads from China to Europe, a friend asked: What will happen to Pakistan? I said that if Corona came to Pakistan, forty-five thousand people will die. My guess is one hundred percent wrong, but now it sounds ten times more to me. China has overcome Corona because it is 100 percent compatible. How did New Zealand surpass Corona? Answer: With the help of science. No patients were identified when they did scientific research. All left. Patients were given medication for every symptom, including fever. He recovered the most. Some of them died, but the spread was stopped.

The nation of Pakistan is a country that is unscientific, strongly believes in conspiracy theories and is deeply confused. For years, he opposed the operation of Northern Waziristan and took over several thousand people. Then this operation had to be done. The Pakistani nation also says that Malala has never been hit. How could his ideology be denied, except that it actually happened? Conspiracy theorists say that although the show began a few years later, it aimed to launch the North Waziristan operation on US orders. The Pakistani nation believes that Osama bin Laden was never killed in Abbottabad, although he died, leaving behind his wife and children appearing in court. The evidence was so solid that, despite its deteriorating position in front of the world, Pakistan never fought on a strong ground that Osama bin Laden was not there ... and if Osama bin Laden was not there then Pakistan was a golden opportunity. For America to darken in the world community. Pakistan was also a struggle in the USA at that time. NATO resources have been cut for seven months. I remember that Malala was hospitalized with a military helicopter and that the Pak-US relations were strained this year. Where will the solution come when your knowledge and analysis are not good? A nation that believes in conspiracy theories! Until yesterday we were all asking each other: Dude, did your uncles and aunts suffer? Not true Then there is no Corona, just wave. We thought that the United States, Europe, China and other major nations of the world and the world media were driving the nation of Pakistan together. All this festival is decorated to steal our bed sheets. One million people died in the United States. The maid asked, were the Americans burying empty coffins to make Pakistan an owl? Why would they do this? This complaint is gone. When the number of sick people exceeded one thousand people, now all uncles and aunts are affected. Now grab your heart and listen. Not to mention remote villages, there is a population of schools on the outskirts of Rawalpindi, there is information light, electricity and computer. 80% of people here believe that Corona is just a scam. I come and go in this area. Many young people here also believe that governments appearing in different countries of the world are just scams. In all countries of the world, including Pakistan, a secret government of secret organization was established, called Elo Mina T. The videos of these celebrities are published and published on websites with conspiracy theories. Millions of people worldwide continue to click on these websites. These videos are viral and millions of jobs are associated with it. Like most YouTube users, ethics does not exist here. All you have to do is make a fuss and get a point. If you enter the game of real lies, your job is done.

He explained that this organization should be, but if such an organization becomes stronger like Al Qaeda, it will come to the fore. There is evidence that it exists and has an impact on business. The powers of different countries are working against it. It is impossible for such an organization to come quietly and take over the world. The game is out of control. Now the whole game is about the immune system. (Continued)

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