Post-death report of Indian actor Shashant Singh who committed suicide

Post-death report of Indian actor Shashant Singh who committed suicide
Shant Singh

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The post-death report of the Indian actor Shashant Singh who committed suicide came. According to the Indian Times, Shashant Singh died without drowning.

In a report published by Cooper's Cooper Hospital, the actor was strangled by the trap, which led to his death.

It was also informed that the actor was tested for the negative return corona virus.

According to the report, some samples were taken from the body of Shashant Singh Rajput and sent for forensic tests, and the results have not yet come.

According to the Indian press, the last ceremonies of the actor will take place in Mumbai on June 15, and other family members will arrive from Bihar to Mumbai.

According to Dawn News, Shashant Singh Rajput, from Pathar, Bihar, lived alone in Mumbai, he has four sisters, one playing for the Bihar cricket team.

The police have not yet received any letters from him at his residence, but the police found documents showing that he had been treated for depression from his residence. was

Sources close to the actor said he had suffered from depression and stress over the past few months, but his anxiety got worse due to Corona-related deadlock.

Sushant Singh, the 34-year-old actor of India, who starred in a number of films, committed suicide yesterday.

He was found hanging at his home in Bendra, Mumbai, and then some of his friends were present at the player's home. In the first report, police said that Sushant Singh has been experiencing mental stress for the past six months, but the cause of his suicide has not yet been determined.

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