How to achieve success in life?
How is success achieved in life?

Hayatta başarı nasıl elde edilir?

A sage was asked:

How is success achieved in life?

"You have to eat with me tonight to get the answer," said Hakeem.

All friends gathered at night.

He brought a large pot of soup to everyone.

But he gave everyone a meter-long spoon to drink the soup. He told everyone that you should drink soup with your own long spoon.

Everybody tried,

But it was obviously impossible.

Nobody could drink soup with a spoon. Everyone has opened.

When everything failed, the judge said:

look at me.

He took a spoon,

He took the soup and put a spoon in the mouth of the person in front of him.

Now each took his own spoon and started to give the other soup.

Everyone was very happy.

After drinking the soup, sage stood up and said:

Whoever decides to fill his stomach at the life table,

He will remain hungry.

And those who are concerned about feeding others will never starve.

The giver always benefits,

from Buyers

You cannot be successful in life unless your friends are successful.

The path to success for all of us is the success of others.

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